The place has a mix of modern eclectic elements in the decor and ancient symbolism. Its ambience reflect the local hospitality with a European Riviera atmosphere.

The cuisine is fresh, energetic and healthy with a combination of classic & modern dishes mixed with ingredients and techniques of the region, cooked with detail and love.

VITEA is an artistic gem. Streamlined tables are the centerpiece for custom-designed chairs made by local artists David Leonard, glass works by Miguel Perez and Sheila Devine. Wall paintings by Manuel Adria, intimate banquets and tables for two make for a romantic setting. Or opt to bring a group of friends and enjoy the casual atmosphere.

A perfect place for people watching or enjoying the sea breeze from the Pacific Ocean located a few feet away. Live music available during various evenings of the week creating an original atmosphere.

VITEA opens daily from 8 a.m. to midnight for breakfast lunch and dinner. Premium coffees, fine pastries and exceptional sandwiches and fresh salads also available for take away.

The menus prepared by its European chef owners serves up top quality seasonal produce, fresh seafood and imported meats for dishes simply prepared with care and passion. “We are aiming to create the best in modern dishes with a European Riviera influence,” A kind of Bistro Restaurant that you might find in southern Europe next to the Mediterranean sea.

Tantalizing menu items includes: Pumpkin seed crusted shrimp tempura with cucumber, Spice glazed Red Snapper with jicama slaw, Eggplant ravioli with brown butter & yogurt, Grilled beef tenderloin with goat cheese stuffed ancho chili, mashed potatoes and chipotle sauce… Visit our menus: