Happy Halloween at Vitea!


The best place to celebrate halloween and to watch all wonderful people dressed up. We strongly recommend reservation. Enjoy live music from our very talented guitarist as well.

Our take on breakfast sandwich!


To start the day with..Black forest ham, bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with avocado and jalapeño served with a salad and our special dressing.

Crepes with Nutella & banana for breakfast..

crepanutella1 crepanutella2
Good morning! Why don’t start the day with some crepes filed with nutella, banana, whipped cream and chocolate sauce?

Omelette Romana


Breakfast lovers!
Omelette Romana
Mushrooms, garlic spinach, basil and sausages in pomodoro and parmesan

Fancy some beautiful roasted lamb fillet for dinner?

Try our lamb fillet roasted with fine herbs, tomato & zucchini confit,
eggplant ravioli and yogurt, a dish we are serving for dinner. Welcome!

New chef specials for dinner..



Portobello with porcini cream, sweet potato pure and parmesan

Avocado & quinoa salad topped with ponzu shrimps, chipotle, jicama y nori

Try our new seafood salad!

Wedge of iceberg lettuce /local seafood/ green lime –

cilantro dressing


Begin your day well & good!

Delicious oceanfront breakfast…


Shrimp empanadas for lunch…

From our special summer lunch menu: Try our delicious shrimp empanadas served with beans, salsa and lettuce.

Summer seafood specials for lunch…

_DSC3392-copy Ceviche Cocteldemariscos2
Try our seafood summer specials for lunch next to the Pacific ocean at our terrace or A/C indoor.